General practice

All our doctors practising at Warner Health have gained broad experience across the breadth of general practice. Combined with this experience an evidence-based approach is taken to all presentations. Our doctors therefore stay up-to-date with the latest medical information and stay committed to lifelong learning in general practice.

Children’s health

A good GP knows how to encourage and maintain a positive relationship with all members of the family and foster a cohesive health management plan within the family and for children specifically as well. Our GPs and are skilled at allaying any fears young ones may have and are well versed in gaining the trust of their younger patients.

Men’s health

The GPs practising with us have special interests in men’s health whether it be those hard to address physical concerns that may have just popped up or have been niggling for a while or whether it’s a more sensitive mental health issue that’s needs a discussion – our GPs are happy to provide advice on any area of concern.

Women’s health

Our GPs can address specific health issues affecting women, from painful menses to menopause. We can assist with cervical screening tests (PAP smears) a long and other health checks specific to women.

They can provide advice on contraception options including Implanon insertions and removal, intrauterine devices (IUDs), injections, contraceptive medications, vaginal rings, and barrier methods. Some doctors can provide insertion and removal of contraceptive devices – you’ll find out more information during your consultation.

We may also provide pre-pregnancy counselling and thorough antenatal reviews and ongoing care. Ideally, antenatal reviews should be scheduled pre-pregnancy and if not as earliest as possible during pregnancy so that a proper assessment any necessary referrals can be provided in a time sensitive manner.  are scheduled as a long consultation, to ensure that we can provide an extensive assessment.

Sexual health screening

If you have concerns around any aspect of sexual health screening then we are happy to support you and give detailed advice on the matter, by providing information, testing, ongoing treatment, and any necessary specialist referrals as required.

Geriatric Medicine

No matter if you are at a later life stage, at Warner Health, we believe you deserve access to professional medical care and the opportunity to play an active role in your own health and wellbeing.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health

If you identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, you are eligible for a government-funded annual health assessment and extended allied health support provided you meet certain criteria or have a chronic health condition.

Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases such as respiratory diseases, ischaemic heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes amongst others, can be an ongoing burden for some. Our focus is to guide you through an integrated approach to your care for these chronic conditions which includes regular assessments, check-ups, screening and coordinating treatment, and managing targeted health goals and education within a specifically designed health care plan.

Employment Medicals and Return to Work

We offer a range of pre-employment medical assessment screens. Many conditions such as seizure disorders, narcolepsy, OSA, blackouts, sleep disorders, T2DM, vision problems etc can impact your ability to attend employment safely and or drive safely and therefore a measured health assessment is sometimes required.

If you have been injured at work, we can support you through your recovery and are able to guide you through the Workcover process.

Skin checks and minor surgery

Our GPs are experienced in preventative skin checks and can advise on any concerning mole or skin lesion. Any concerning moles or spots may need a biopsy, or definitive excision and if needed can be done onsite or referred to one of our many skin cancer specialists. Remember early detection saves lives.


GPs form the bedrock of the nation’s immunisation program. We offer the whole gambit of immunisations from early infancy to older age and everything in between. Whether your little one needs to get up to date with their vaccinations or your behind on getting your COVID-19 vaccination or booster, we can provide the right advice to get you back on track and keep you up to date. All vaccinations are entered into the Australian Immunisation Register. Even if you are planning a holiday, it is still worthwhile speaking with your GP to discuss any concerns and whether you may need targeted vaccinations for your next destination. Booking well before your planned departure date is essential.

Preventative health and weight loss

Longer term health maintenance is the foundation of good health. Whether its advice and help with smoking cessation you need or motivational psychological supportive therapy for helping you to lose weight or for other lifestyle changes, Warner Health GPs are at the cutting edge of science and medicine with regards to the latest trends and research backed interventions. Warner Health is here to support you whatever your journey entails.

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